During the summer members of Prepsec have been involved in Three imortant Conferences

1.  Saras PEACE4Kids Conference in Denver

As usual the conference was a success both with regard to the program and the social events.  The conference was a collaboration between Prepsec and Saras organiszation.  During the conference different committees and the Board had the opportunity to meet and work on different topics like future events and quality assurance work.

2.  Children and youth at risk in Murmansk

Over 4000 children and families in the North west of Russia have been reached  through this program which concist of 4 spesific programs, among those AART.  Knut participated together with master trainers from Russia

3.  The 5th Ensec Conference in Lisbon

There were participants from 42 coutries, and more than 80 workshops and papers in addition to prominent key-note speakers like Sir Michael Rutter.  Knut was invited as preconference speaker and both Knut and Johannes Finne had also work shop presentations.