AART (Adapted ART) is a Scandinavian update of ART. Arnold Goldstein’s wish was that ART would continue to develop based on practice and research, and a lot has happened since ART was introduced. Therefore, Prepsec International and Research Press decided to call the new version AART (Adapted ART) and the book was subsequently published by the University Publishing House of Norway.

AART involves a cultural adaptation and additions of both a theoretical and pedagogical nature. AART is a way to capture the developments that have taken place in CBT, ART, and related areas such as MI.

The basic training procedures are the same but examples of adaptations can be seen in all components. More culturally appropriate skills have been added for both clients and staff.  Anger Control has an increased focus on the identification and regulation of emotions and included the exploration of “setting events” and establishing operations (EO).  In Moral Reasoning Training, more adapted dilemmas are used.  Role plays are used to clarify the group’s decisions and homework linked to positive character traits is given. The addition here of MI techniques challenges irrational and immature reasoning.