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New Elevationg A.R.T. Research Article From Ruud H.J. Hornsveld And Colleges

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The effects of Aggression Replacement Training were explored in a group of Dutch violent young men ages 16 to 21 years, who were obliged by the court to follow a treatment program in a forensic psychiatric outpatient clinic. To evaluate the training, patients completed a set of self-report questionnaires at three moments in time: at intake/before [...]

The prepare programs can now be ordered from Eurospan and Amazon

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This week Research Press have uploaded all their new or recently published titles onto in the US.  Research Press are also finalizing arrangements to have the books handled by for purchase all over the world, except for the US and Canada, and Eurospan will post the books on Amazon in Europe and other areas. This may make it [...]

Here we are going to say something about PREPSEC…

Here we are going to say something about PREPSEC…

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