As a part of Master Trainer Education 20 staff members have been trained in Birmingham. The participants represented 4 special schools and custody service for young people and have by now finished 6 days training in the program.  After doing additional training with supervision from the master trainer candidate, they will start training in classes.  In May we will spend a whole day in each of the special schools combining exam with implementation supervision and presentations to other staff members.  The supervision from the master trainers will continue throughout the next years. It has been a great seminar and all the heads of the schools are really excited with the program and will make a lot of effort to make it work.  Also the participants have been really skillful during the week.  The master trainer candidates are all psychologists and have in addition to training also fulfilled the program in schools with supervision from me and will continue to have some supervision before they can start further dissemination of the program in England.  They are extremely good and will all be PREPSEC members and probably PREPSEC England will be established in the near future.

Figure 1. Participants from the 4 special schools together with the master trainer candidates in front