Dear PREPSEC International members
Since its inception in 2012, PREPSEC International has held 4 elections, every second year, and
members have chosen a dynamic and capable team each time. This year should be no

According to our statutes: 4.6 Election procedure
Elections are arranged via the web every second year. The executive board informs the membership at
large which positions will be vacated and which countries the remaining members come from, in order
that new members may be elected from other countries. Members are asked to nominate candidates,
who are members of PREPSEC International, before a deadline set by the executive board. Nominated
candidates must agree to run for election and if they agree, post a short biography and mission statement
for the board service. Common majority elects candidates.

The first meeting of the new board establishes the new executive board positions.

The three positions up for election for a 4 year term are those of Niels Hjelm Veirup
(Denmark), Johan Björkehed (Sweden) , and Johannes Finne (Norway).

Those remaining for another 2 years are: Tiina Röning (Finland), Kelli Parcher (USA), Cecylia
Biegnowska (Poland), and Ola Hall (Sweden).


Please submit your nomination by October 29, 2021 to PREPSEC International.
candidate must also submit a short biography and mission statement for their candidacy.
Both forms may be found attached:

Please return completed forms to:

On October 29,2021 candidacies, with biographies and mission statements, will be posted
and emailed to all PREPSEC members. Instructions of how/where you can vote will be

November 12, 2021: the voting closes and all members will be notified of the new Executive
Board, after their first meeting.

Kimberlee Parker
Election Committee Chairperson
PREPSEC International