A devoted group of A.R.T. trainers recently met for their annual meeting. The general meeting brought a new definition of membership as the statutes were changed so anybody with an involvement in any of the PREPARE models (and any one interested in the same) can join this Danish network. A major topic discussed was also ways to spread information on the PREPARE models of which A.R.T. are the most common in Denmark just as information on the possibility to join the ENSEC conference in Budapest next year was shared.

The day continued with a presentation of some of the results of a major evaluation study carried out at schools – were continuing training in A.R.T. has been going on for the last 2 – 3 years. The results are about to be published in a report around the turn of the year but preliminary data indicates that the project has led to significant descaling of behaviour problems in the participating schools

Another part of the programme was a very informative introduction to motivating interview. The various levels of iintervention and some of the tools were illustrated and the participants had a go with some of them. Finally it was decided to explore the possibility of meeting in regional groups to do further training and prepare for this to be part of the preparation for the PREPARE models to be used locally.