PREPSEC International is looking forward to seeing you at the ENSEC Conference in Budapest for our Pre Conference day, August 28, 2019.

This interactive Pre-Conference day will introduce a variety of the Social Emotional Competencies in the PREPARE Curriculum. This includes the 3 components of ART (Skillstreaming, Anger Regulation, Moral Reasoning) as well as Character Education, Empathy Training, Social Perception Training, Problem Solving and how they can transfer to the family in Family TIES.  These interventions are compatible to education, corrections, and community environments and take into consideration both the individual and global interactions of a youth’s environment.

Please join us so that we may share our knowledge and experience with you, in Budapest on August 28, 2019.

Register for the Pre Conference (100 EUR) until June 10, 2019

This is a full day event which includes a conference bag, coffee breaks and a lunch.
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Will you be attending the ENSEC Conference as well?
If so, we shall contact them to verify your attendance at the pre-Conference in order for you to qualify for a reduced rate with ENSEC.
A reduced registration fee (300 EUR) is offered for the registered participants of the Pre-Conference (

As PREPSEC International’s bank account is situated in Denmark, please use the following instructions when paying for your registration fee

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  3. Kindly write your name on the payment form. Your name is necessary to match with your registration form to receive an invoice, gain entry into the pre-conference, and receive a reduction if attending the ENSEC Conference.

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Thank you for registering for the PREPSEC Pre-Conference.
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to seeing you there!

Let’s meet in Budapest!