32 students have now graduated from the continuing course in Training Social Competence at Diakonhjemmet University College, Sandnes Norway. The students have participated in 8 gatherings including also conducting either a SPT or an ART program.  The Research topic this time was motivational factors that influence these programs.  The students also have fulfilled their own projects and during the last gathering this week they all have presented their own studies.  It has been both moving and encouraging to listen to the presentation and realize how these programs really change their behavior.   One thing is reading the graphs; another thing is to listen to the touching stories.  Congratulation to all students – this is the sixth class that has been graduated through 12 years and by now appr. 180 students have fulfilled the education.  Nearly half of the class had an extra day working with the new Scandinavian version of ART  – AART. In this class were also students from Sweden.  The next class will start in January with seven Danish students.