Since 2007 the ART Center at Diakonhjemmet University College in Norway was involved in the CYAR project.  CYAR stands for Children and Youth at Risk in the Barents Region of Russia and is collaboration between Norway, Sweden, Finland and North West Russia. ART and Family Ties were among the programs that have been disseminated to Russia.  Since the start the ART-center has been responsible for training approximately 270 ART-trainers through a 10 days education and 15 of them have accomplished an extensive and thus become master trainers. In this period 2-3000 children and youth have fulfilled the ART program and the positive effects are also documented in an article by Koposov, Gundersen and Svartdal (2014). The project has brought Johannes, Tutte, Eskil and Knut to exciting places and the enthusiasm for the program and the skill of the trainers have been amazing. It has been both great and touching to hear life stories of some of the kids and listen to how the program has contributed to change the direction of their lives.  We hope that the Russian trainers and super trainers will be a part of PREPSEC in the future.