Spreading the Holiday spirit

Spreading the Holiday Spirit!

A skill for adults to show consideration and spread joy to fellow human beings and animals

1. Notice signs that the holidays are approaching

Recipes for Christmas and New Year’s food are on magazine covers
Businesses start decorating
The Radio plays Christmas songs

2. Observe your body signals that give you cues that you are in the holiday mood

Craving for peppermint candy, gingerbread and eggnog
Humming of Christmas songs
An inexplicable longing for holiday comfort foods

3. Decide how to spread the holiday atmosphere

Call your friends and wish them happy holidays
Give gifts to those close to you and those in need
Dress up as Santa Claus
Buy a nice red knitted sweater
Play and sing lots of festive songs

4. Choose the right time and place to spread the holiday atmosphere

It can be individually, in groups or at any time
It could be in a thoughtful gift
Choose a moment when the other is receptive to celebration

5. Spread the Holiday Spirit!

Burst out with a belly laugh
Open the champagne!
Be happy and sincere
Feel free to use body contact (if everyone is vaccinated!)

Thanks to Bengt Daleflod and Johan Bjorkhed for their inspirational spirit!

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