As 2022 comes to a close, we will tend to reflect on what has happened during the year. For many in the world, these were not the best of times…. It is a challenge to not dwell on the negative but it is so important to embrace the good that has occurred as well. Research shows gratitude can change the [...]

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Teambuilding with ART© – how to use core values in schools?

There is no such thing as a perfect team inside or outside of school. In principle, it's safe to say that every team will go through a crisis at some point and many will break as a result. But some teams perform incomparably better than others - both in terms of communication, productivity, and alignment with the mission and vision [...]

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Walking the Talk….the importance of living what we teach.

I was a youth care worker for over 40 years and, I must admit, that there were days that took effort to not become apathetic.  However, I made that effort each time as I knew that the youth and staff I worked with deserved it and so did I. As a trainer and program coordinator of the PREPARE Curriculum, I [...]

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Motivation & Resistance by Bengt Daleflod

Motivation & Resistance Difficulties and disturbances can of course arise in the ART group from time to time. It would be strange if this did not happen. As a rule, the participants are part of the ART group precisely because they have problems with disruptive and acting out behavior. An important question to ask is whether it is possible to [...]

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Skill: Giving Praise and Social Reinforcement

Giving praise and showing appreciation is something that everyone who works with children, young people and clients has a use for. This skill can be practiced by trainers, transfer coaches, parents and adolescents. Here we have made a skill that you can practice and use.     STEP  NOTES FOR THE LEADER 1. Make sure to establish contact Make eye [...]

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Participation, reinforcement and resistance

University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences Helsinki Studies in Education, number 128 Martta Maukonen Participation, reinforcement and resistance A case and action research study on the Aggression Replacement Training (ART) intervention Abstract The aim of this case and action research study is to describe the participation ofnfive fourth-grade boys in the Aggression Replacement Training (ART) intervention. The data is [...]

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Here we are going to say something about PREPSEC…

Here we are going to say something about PREPSEC…

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